Forgotten dreams of 2005

I found an old dream journal from 2005

Posted by Rob Nelson April 18, 2008

I found an old dream journal that dates back to 2005. I had forgotten about it. Most of the dreams I had completely forgotten about - and some of them are funny. Or just strange. Here they are listed by date with a few ancillary comments.

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The Buddha Projector

A dream involving a statue of Buddha and gardening

Posted by Rob Nelson January 28, 2008

This is a dream I had where a statue of Buddha projected a movie about gardening. I'm not that interested in gardening - or for that matter - Buddha. So I'm not sure why I had the dream.

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Freddie Prinze Movie

A dream involving Freddie Prinze and Andy Warhol

Posted by Rob Nelson October 10, 2007

A dream involving Freddie Prinze and Andy Warhol. I have no explanation for this or any analysis - it just seemed funny.

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Dream About Building a Room of Ice

In which the author describes a dream involving a room of ice

Posted by Rob Nelson December 27, 2006

A few nights ago I dreamt I had to build a room in the side of mountain. And I was in charge of keeping some sort of being alive. I was never clear on whether it was a child or a dog - or something else.

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The Green Goblin

A dream about an incident involving a serial killer

Posted by Rob Nelson March 23, 2006

A strange dream I had recently for which I have no explanation - except perhaps an unhealthy interest in forensic crime show like Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, the Case Files of Dayle Hinman.

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