Why do Web Programming Languages Suck?

Being a rant - with some possible explanations

Posted by Rob Nelson January 25, 2008

Programming a web application is a horrid mish-mash of languages, standards, and browser incompatibilities. It's chaos. It sucks. Why?

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Curriculum Vitae - pt.2

Part 2 of a serialized history

Posted by Rob Nelson September 13, 2007

In which the author transforms from a code hack into an advanced code hack

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Curriculum Vitae - pt.1

I've been programming for 10 years now.

Posted by Rob Nelson August 14, 2007

I got an Art degree in college. How did I end up as a programmer?

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The Code Documentation Conundrum

What is the best way to document code?

Posted by Rob Nelson July 2, 2007

I've tried various methods of documenting my code - but I have not been satisfied with any method. I don't think this is a problem the industry has solved yet.

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The Myth of the Non-programmer Programming Language

The continual search for making 'programming for the millions'

Posted by Rob Nelson September 28, 2005

There has been an unending attempt to write languages that non-programmers can use. I contend that all of these languages end up being used by either a) programmers or b) highly technical people that might as well be programmers.

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The Tower of Babel (and other observations)

Musings on the tower of babel story and how it relates to the general human endeavour of thought.

Posted by Rob Nelson September 26, 2005

In which the author makes random observations - centralizing on the fact that the Tower of Babel is a story that repeats itself over and over again - year after year

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