Forgotten dreams of 2005

I found an old dream journal from 2005

Posted by 04/18/2008

I found an old dream journal that dates back to 2005. I had forgotten about it. Most of the dreams I had completely forgotten about - and some of them are funny. Or just strange. Here they are listed by date with a few ancillary comments.


Someone is killed. The murderer throws the body in a furnace that is in his house, hoping to destroy all the forensic evidence. The Law and Order guy appears. There is a car chase or crash or both. And a very large house. The murderer is barricaded at some point.

By "The Law and Order guy" I assume I mean Sam Waterston. Must be an Archetype.


Dad teaching class I'm taking. There is some kind of quarantine in the room the class normally is in, so the class moves to another room. There are various groups of students gathered in this new place. My Dad is still teaching class, showing movies and handing out albums.

Sounds like something my Dad might do. The movies and albums bit.


Meet someone that knows someone that works at the Austin Chronicle as music reviewer. They won "reviewer of year" award – but only work one day a week. It's at a coffee shop and the woman telling me works behind the counter. Kathy is there. Kathy has 2 cars – and is later driving a car missing a front door. It is an old 70s style car.

Not really that interesting - but I would like the music reviewer gig.


Set up and use new software at imaginary job. It connects to a database and lines things up. At some point an expert on tornadoes appears.

Please tell me more about the tornado expert. And I'm curious how you can have an "imaginary job".


Work on a program that involves a fermenting temperature between 672 and 683. I am working on this program even though I no longer get paid. An old man has an SUV like car where everything is automated. Looking at new houses with Mike. There is a dog in one house he looks at and Tetanus is with us. Tetanus is not friendly as the dog sniffs him. He offers a friendly 'vomit' to break the ice – but then holds back. Everyone remarks about this. It seems like Chad and Alan are there. The house has twisty trees – but the other house is a big farm field. Mike makes a remark about the trees. He wants a house with a certain kind of tree, but there is something impossible about this. One tree is a bear – and he wants a tree with berries. On the farm there is a silent man in overalls sitting on a rocking chair. Like some kind of stereotypical farmer guy.

"He offers a friendly 'vomit'..."?

The strange specifity of 672 and 683 degrees. I wonder if there was a reason for that?


At party with my dad and Paul Ceverha. Paul is bald with sore spots on his head. He says it's probably because of all the allergies he had as a kid. My dad says something like I'm as old as he was when Kenny was born. There is a strange couple there – they sleep outdoors but rent a hotel room so nothing they have is stolen. The hotel is one story with an attached restaurant. The couple's car seems to have a lot stuffed into it. At one point it was in the northeast.

"...but rent a hotel room so nothing they have is stolen..."?


Looking at buying a house with Kathy. We are looking at an area that is mostly vacant lots. There is the question whether we should buy one at the bottom of a hill or the top – I think the top because of drainage – but for some reason there is also an advantage to the houses at the bottom. Then we walk inside built, furnished models of the houses.


Komiko has a guitar that is like a drum pad – when you hit it one way it strums – another way it's like picking. We are in a car and she is in that car passing around the guitar. Various people are in the car – but I'm not sure who they are. It is a drive to El Paso. El Paso is reached very quickly and I remark that was very quick – cause I thought it should have taken 13 hours. I think the guitar is signed by people in the car – with notes or stories or something. Komiko is looked upon with disdain.

Komiko is a woman that one of my friends dated at one point. I don't know where they were in their history at this point, but eventually the relationship ended.


Get lost driving. End up in Canada. I see a sign that says “Biggs” and turn. I'm looking for a funeral home.

Is "Biggs" the name of the funeral home?


I meet Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Sit around and talk about songwriting a lot. I talk about how great The Revelator is, which they seem to like. I talk about the timing in the album, the way they give every note it's proper space. Also talk about how the spareseness makes it where you can't make any mistakes. Also about how sometimes you write a song that sucks - and it's not always obvious. Or you write a song that someone else has already written.

All things I'd probably say if I got to talk with Gillian Welch and Dave Ralwings. They must be an Archetype or something.


I realize all 3 of the 3 stooges is dead. I realize why it is people are sad about this.

It is indeed sad that all 3 stooges are dead.


There is some kind of series of terrorist attacks in subways of New York. The first one does damage, but after that people band together in groups and stop it from happening again.

Not an impossible scenario.


In military training I drop down on the ground after the commander yells “drop”. It's some kind of drill. I do well at this even though I'm confused. Later I'm patrolling in the woods and something happens and I set without thinking - dropping behind a fence ready to shoot. I think I understand now why there was all that training. Because I can do things quickly without thinking.

This is a strangely recurring scenario. Me in the military. I never was in the military.

I see an advertisement for America to protect Israel's “historic” treasures – maybe it's a recruitment thing.


Talking to Snoop Dogg. He is driving the car. There is some joke about unlikely it is that I would be in the car with Snoop Dogg

It's truly unlikely I will ever be in a car with Snoop Dogg.


Dub appears again. I don't remember much more than that. Seems like he has a box of writings in an old wooden box. Maybe songs.

Dub is a friend from years ago. Maybe he has an old wooden box full of writings or songs.


Kathy gets another car. It's very blue with 4 doors.

Kathy and I did actually get a very blue car with 4 doors not that long ago.


The brady bunch runs a bed and breakfast.

The Brady Bunch make their first appearance.


Talking to Henry. He talks about rebuilding an engine. Switches to an episode of “Can You Top That?” - a TV show – with former Clinton administration people as guests.

That sounds like a great show. I'm not sure if it was former Clinton adminstration people every week, or just this particular episode.


Someone is trying to kill Kathy and I. We die but then we can rewind the tape and avoid the situation next time around. We figure it would be better to figure out why someone is trying to kill us rather than keep rewinding the tape.

Good thinking.


Woman plots to kill Satan. She is going to host a dinner. The best way is to shoot him in the head.

Not sure where that came from. Maybe I secretly want to shoot Satan in the head at a dinner party.


The Horus eye symbol is at the bottom of a cup of light. You can see dead people with this eye. I look in the cup and the light starts to come in from the side. And behind my ears. Then I see the horus eye symbol.

Where did that come from? What area of my brain has this information?


“Fear factor” for children, lead by Hannibal Lector. There is some kind of camp of obstacles run by Hannibal Lector, or Anthony Hopkins, or Jeffery Dahmer. Sometimes the dream is horrifying, but sometimes I realize it's a dream and it seems silly – and not scarey at all. There is a large fat child that argues – and he is killed and presumably eaten. The idea is that if you don't argue you may or may not get out alive, but if you argue you will die.

Another million dollar idea - "Kid Fear-factor".


Something with Jeff Tweedy. He is a cult figure like the Japanese guy responsible for the Sarin poisioning on the subways in Japan. People are walking around with giant models of Jeff Tweedy's head as masks – dancing around. And some kind of album cover with rays of light and stars and sky around his head. In the dream I am thinking this is kind of stupid.

Another strange one. Shoko Asahara and Jeff Tweedy - must be Archetypes.


I witness 2 trucks being stolen by a bald man. I think they are my trucks. The second one has a large trailer and he cuts off the trailer and lets it roll down a hill and swing back and crash into the building I'm in – nearly running into me. A bunch of people run out to see what happened and I say “I saw the whole thing. It was this bald guy...”

I'm bald. Maybe it was me.


Driving a bicycle backwards very quickly and dangerously. Kathy is on the bicycle with me. I run into somebody and we fall down a cliff but noone is injured.

Some might say life is kind of like driving a bicycle backwards very quickly. Or I guess you're supposed to say "... and this is how my life is..." after you describe a dream.


Living in N. Carolina. I think I'm in Virginia – which makes sense to me (in the dream) - and am surprised I'm actually in a Carolina state. I think I am working there.

This is strange in that, at the time, I had no intension or thought of living in North Carolina. Whereas now I ponder it.


Kathy wants to have another child. We already have one. I am about to finish a degree but I forgot about a chemistry class I was taking. I am not too worried about getting a job if I have the degree, but I may have messed everything up.

At this point we didn't have a first child, so "...wants to have another child" is a little early.


Something involved with a group of 9 people. I put them all in a square like the brady bunch.

Once again the Brady Bunch appear. Must be an Archetype.


It turns out I am going to stay somewhere I thought I was going to be only temporarily. It is a spare room of someone. So I decide I better prepare for being there a while. I cut my hair – but as I'm cutting it it turns into white clumpy hair – like an afro or 'founding-father' hair.

Not sure what I meant by "founding-father hair" - but whatever it is - it sounds good.


Lourdes lord of the underworld. Avoid him

WTF? I have no idea why I wrote this. But I'd best avoid anyone named "Lourdes".


I see a truck on a hill. I go to it and the police stop me and ask me what I'm doing there. My grandfather shows up and says “don't worry he writes songs” - then they want me to sing a song to prove it. The cop asks me if I know any George Strait songs or somebody like that – and what my favorite song is. Sort of like the Michael Bolton scene in Officespace. I'm trying to bluff like "Oh, I like all George Strait songs. It's hard to pick a favorite..." but I can't actually think of one. I decide to sing “I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry” cause I figure the policeman will know that song.

Good thinking.


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