The Buddha Projector

A dream involving a statue of Buddha and gardening

Posted by 01/28/2008

This is a dream I had where a statue of Buddha projected a movie about gardening. I'm not that interested in gardening - or for that matter - Buddha. So I'm not sure why I had the dream.

The first bit of the dream I remember is that I'm in a small room with green carpet playing music with a band. It reminds me of the "Jungle Room" at Graceland. Except smaller and with less jungle. But it has the same general arrangement, with a glass window opening onto a patio.

There are 4 people in the band. One of the members of the band really doesn't like me. For some reason everything I think of they hate. We are recording music. I keep thinking, why am in this band?

At some point when it is time to take a break from playing - we all are supposed to go in the official break room. Maybe to listen to what we just recorded. I expect something like a screening room. It is behind a curtain.

I think of the "Wizard of Oz" because when somebody pulls back the curtain it reveal this large theatre and in the middle of the room is a 15 foot statue of Buddha that serves as a projector. There is light coming out of his head - from the third eye location - showing a movie.

The lites go dim and we all start watching the movie. It is called "Concepts of Gardening". At first I think it's a Monty Python sketch like "The Larch".

The movie starts off showing a picture of a garden drawn on rice paper in pen and ink. It's one of those Chinese paintings with lots of negative space. A path leads through two areas of the drawing - an area that looks like bushes and and another area of tall trees

It first focuses on the bushes, and starts to discuss how to arrange them. It says they are lichens. But they seem more like bushes. I guess it is a very large patch of lichen growth.

It shows the lichens grouped up together in a bunch creating an entrance of sorts and then making a large circle around an area - where they climb to over 10 feet high. It then describes the process of walking up through the entrance and feeling surrounded. The camera zooms up to the bushes - and it's true that as you walk into the area you feel like your surrounded.

The movie has the ability to show the perspective of the drawing from afar - and from very close up

The narrator then explains that this is a good way to arrange lichens. They should be arranged and pruned in such a way that you feel invited in, and then surrounded.

Then it moves to the trees. The trees are drawn in such a way that they look like wings, the branches being the arms and the leaves being the feathers. This is supposed to give illusion of flying as you walk up on them. Of being swept up. The camera zooms up to the trees - and it's true you feel like your flying.

The narrator says this is a good way to trim leaves in a tree. They should float up into the air like wings and give then illusion of flying.

Then I wake up.


gmoney commented, on March 1, 2008 at 3:10 a.m.:

I think it means you hate your job.

rob commented, on March 3, 2008 at 12:01 a.m.:

Could be. Maybe I want to be a gardener.

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