Freddie Prinze Movie

A dream involving Freddie Prinze and Andy Warhol

Posted by 10/10/2007

A dream involving Freddie Prinze and Andy Warhol. I have no explanation for this or any analysis - it just seemed funny.

I had a dream I went to a movie that was a biographical dramatization of the life of Freddie Prinze. Sort of his version of "Man on the Moon". The strange thing is I was watching the movie with Andy Warhol. After it was over we were leaving the theater and had to walk through this gift shop that had been set up just outside. There was no other way out.

The gift shop was full of Freddie Prinze memorabilia, trinkets, pictures, drinking cups, hats etc... It was very crowded and Andy complained about all the people, something along the lines of "can you believe the riff-raff this kind of thing attracts?" He also complained about the commercialism of setting up this gift shop to go along with the movie. I can't remember what he said. Something about it being cheap and disrespectful. Nevertheless, he bought a postcard with a picture from the "Chico and the Man" T.V. series, saying something like "I really like this picture."

He also said his latest project was taking famous people's driver licenses and stylizing them. Sort of like this, except with famous people:


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