Dream About Building a Room of Ice

In which the author describes a dream involving a room of ice

Posted by 12/27/2006

A few nights ago I dreamt I had to build a room in the side of mountain. And I was in charge of keeping some sort of being alive. I was never clear on whether it was a child or a dog - or something else.

So I climbed up the side of a mountain. I'm not sure how I scaled it. Because the first thing I remember is looking down and realizing how high I was and how steep the fall would be

Freezing cold

I was surrounded by snow. I was very cold and icy and I was wearing some kind of eskimo coat but still shivering. I had found an enclave like a cave but it wasn't very deep. I had some living creature with me, but it was unclear whether it was a child or a dog or just a block of ice, because it took the form of a white blob. But it was alive, and it was my job to keep it alive. It occurred to me that I had to build a room to live in. Otherwise we would both die.

Somewhere during this process I look in a mirror. It's not like a real mirror - it's more like very polished ice, with cartoonish scrapes across the surface to emphasize it's un-realness. When I look in the mirror I look like a cross between Paul McCartney and the dentist in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

I build a room

So I started digging out a room. Soon I had a small room built, with tables and chairs and even lighting. I don't remember the details of how I created the light. The being was in the corner in a basket covered with blankets. I was fairly happy with what I had done, but I soon realized the I would need to food at some point.

Time for fish

I suppose since I was surrounded by ice and dressed in Eskimo gear I decided that I should catch fish. I wasn't looking forward to scaling back down the mountain. I was worried that I was probably already tired out enough from building the room, and maybe I didn't have enough energy to catch food.

Where am I?

I thought about catching a fish, and then de-boning it and scraping the skin off - and I was thinking I wouldn't be very good at that. Since I've never done it before. So I peered over the ledge out of a window I had created. At this point I realized I was in a very big hotel. And I realized I could just take the elevator down to the lobby and buy fish. I thought that would be a lot easier. For a second I thought I should still try and catch the fish. That it would be good for my character. But then I thought that was stupid. In fact I felt kind of stupid at this point. It wasn't really that cold. I was in a hotel.


I'm not sure what this dream was trying to tell me. It seems to have something to do with music - or dentistry - or Christmas. Possibly all of the above. Maybe the being is a song or an album or some kind of creation of mine. I don't know.


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